Amelie – Ancient Oud


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Amelie – Ancient Oud

Introducing “Ancient Oud” by Amelie, a symphony of opulence and allure that transports you to the lavish courts of historic Dubai. Crafted in the spirit of Kemi Blending Magic’s Hayat, this fragrance is an ode to Arabian elegance, a treasure born from the sands of time.

Unveil the intoxicating journey with its top notes of Bitter Orange, Lavender, and Saffron. A dance of citrus and spice that embraces your senses, a prelude to the grandeur that awaits. As the scent unfurls, the heart reveals its secrets – Cardamom, Amber, and Cinnamon. A rich tapestry of warmth and mystique, invoking tales of old, where every note whispers of regal chambers and captivating stories.

And then, at its core, lies the heart of this masterpiece – Agarwood (Oud), Cedar, Cypriol Oil, and Patchouli. A harmonious blend that conjures images of luxury fit for kings and princes. Each note a brushstroke, creating an olfactory portrait of a bygone era, a scent trail that lingers in memory.

“Ancient Oud” is not for everyone; it is for the connoisseurs of the extraordinary, the seekers of the exceptional. A fragrance that embodies vert exotic beauty, an essence that resonates with the very soul of Arabian heritage. Wear it, and be transported to a time of regal splendor and unmatched refinement.

Inspired by: Kemi Blending Magic – Hayat

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