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Amelie – Arabian Prince

Dive deep into the luxurious embrace of “Arabian Prince” from Preproduction Perfumery’s illustrious Amélie collection. Inspired by the lavish elegance of Jo Malone’s Oud Bergamot, this scent is a passport to the ancient romance of the Middle East.

From the first touch, Arabian Prince dazzles with a vibrant medley of Sicilian bergamot, sun-drenched orange, and sparkling lemon, all artfully contrasted by the green undertones of petitgrain. It’s like the first ray of dawn breaking across a desert horizon, promising warmth and brilliance.

Yet, just as the desert holds secrets beneath its sands, the heart of this fragrance reveals a soulful embrace of cedarwood. Majestic and timeless, its woody resonance forms a bridge between the effervescent opening and the profound depth that awaits.

As the journey deepens, the grandeur of oud, a revered ingredient, emerges. A symbol of luxury, its smoky and resinous touch melds effortlessly with the unexpected sweetness of praline. This harmonious blend creates an intoxicating trail, leaving an indelible mark of sophistication and opulence.

With every drop of Arabian Prince, you’re not just wearing a perfume—you’re cloaking yourself in a story of ancient royalty, of palaces and oasis, of secrets whispered under starlit nights. Let this scent be your crowning glory, a testament to the eternal allure of the desert’s heart.

Inspired by: Jo Malone – Oud Bergamot

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