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Amelie – Crystal Cove

Unveil the essence of an Arabian night’s enchantment with Amelie’s Arabian Rose, a fragrance that transcends time and space. Inspired by the captivating allure of Xerjoff’s More Than Words, this scent weaves a tapestry of exotic charm and dominant allure that will leave you entranced.

As you embark on this olfactory journey, imagine the first rays of a desert sunrise, painting the sky with hues of gold and rose. Arabian Rose opens with an intriguing crescendo of lemon, chamomile, sage, saffron, and tagetes, evoking the vibrant energy of a bustling Arabian bazaar. The blend of zest and spice welcomes you with open arms, beckoning you to explore its intoxicating depths.

As the sun climbs higher, the heart of the fragrance blooms like a desert oasis, caressed by the warm desert winds. A majestic bouquet of rose, Indian jasmine, and magnolia unfolds, intertwining their scents like a dance of silk and petals. In this harmonious symphony, floral opulence meets seductive allure, creating a mesmerizing aura that draws you further into its embrace.

Finally, as the sun sets over the horizon, the base notes emerge, enveloping you in a sense of timeless elegance. Precious agarwood, oud, reigns supreme, its regal and commanding presence casting a spell of authority and sophistication. Patchouli adds an earthy richness, while amber imparts a warm and velvety glow, like the soft light of lanterns illuminating the evening sky.

Amelie’s Arabian Rose, a captivating homage to Xerjoff’s More Than Words, is a fragrance that dares you to embrace the exotic and dominant facets of your nature. Step into the realm of Arabian dreams, where mystery and allure await at every turn. Let the scent of Arabian Rose carry you away to a world where passion and elegance merge, and the essence of a timeless tale is yours to unfold.

Inspired by: Xerjoff – More Than Words

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