Amelie – Crimson


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Amelie – Crimson

Indulge in the enticing world of “Crimson” by Amelie, a fragrance that exudes an irresistible charm, inspired by the renowned Amouage Crimson Rocks. As the sun sets over the mysterious Arabian deserts, this captivating perfume unveils its unforgettable story through an exquisite blend of notes, crafting a fragrance that is both exotic and memorable.

At its inception, the top notes tantalize the senses with a bewitching dance of Cinnamon and Pink Pepper, a daring combination that sparks the imagination and leaves a trail of intrigue. The heart of the fragrance blossoms like a rare desert flower, with the opulent essence of Rose and the golden sweetness of Honey intertwining in perfect harmony. This alluring bouquet evokes the feeling of being wrapped in the embrace of a thousand rose petals and the caress of warm, luscious honey.

As the night deepens, “Crimson” takes you on a journey to enchanted Arabian landscapes with its rich and intoxicating base notes. The sturdy presence of Oak brings forth a sense of grounding, while the elegant Atlas Cedar exudes an air of grandeur, reminiscent of ancient Arabian palaces. Finally, the earthy allure of Vetiver wraps the fragrance in a warm and mysterious aura, leaving a lasting impression that lingers in the memory of all who encounter it.

With each spritz of “Crimson,” Amelie captures the essence of Arabian elegance and creates a symphony of scents that resonates deeply. Let the allure of “Crimson” transport you to a world of timeless charm and unforgettable moments. This is not just a perfume, it’s an experience—an olfactory journey that entices and enchants all who encounter it. Discover the allure of “Crimson” and let its fragrance paint the canvas of your memories with vibrant, evocative hues.

Inspired by: Amouage – Crimson Rocks

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