Amelie – Lily


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Amelie – Lily

Introducing Lily, the enchanting jewel in Preproduction Perfumery’s Amélie collection. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and grace with every delicate spritz. Drawing inspiration from the allure of Parfums de Marly’s Valaya, Lily captures the essence of femininity in a harmonious dance of scents.

At first embrace, the luminous aldehydes twirl with the zesty embrace of white peach, bergamot, and mandarin orange, conjuring an aura of radiant freshness that lingers in the air. As the perfume unfurls, the heart notes bloom with an opulent bouquet, as orange blossom, petalia, and the innocent charm of lily-of-the-valley intertwine with the verdant subtlety of vetiver and mahonia.

As the sun sets and the day transitions to evening, Lily’s base notes come to life. A symphony of sensuality and softness, where musk envelops you in a tender caress, while ambroxan and akigalawood infuse an intriguing depth that leaves an indelible mark. As the fragrance gently lingers, the warmth of vanilla adds a sweet embrace, inviting you to revel in its captivating embrace.

With each note, Lily evokes the image of a powerful and sophisticated woman, confidently navigating the bustling newsroom of life. Its inspiration, Valaya, shines through in every essence, but Lily blossoms into a distinctive creation of its own. Radiating with elegance and femininity, Lily is more than a perfume—it’s an enchanting journey that captures the essence of modern-day grace.

Inspired by: Parfums de Marly – Valaya

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